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The Squarepeg Podcast

May 28, 2022

Aishah-Nyeta is an advocate for climate, race, and disability justice from Virginia in the USA. She says she grew up feeling ‘stupid’ and different from her peers due to her dyscalculia and the social challenges of her undiagnosed autism. 

Now 25, she was diagnosed autistic in 2020, when she began using her...

May 21, 2022

Allie Mason is a talent coordinator and author from Cheltenham in the UK. She has a keen interest in sports – especially solo sports – and her children’s non-fiction debut, The Autistic Guide to Adventure, is due to be published in 2023.

Allie is 25 and was diagnosed autistic in 2020, whilst studying for her MA. 

May 14, 2022

Amy Lee Lillard is co-host of a feminist book podcast, and also an author; her first book, Dig Me Out, a collection of short stories, was published in 2021. 

Now 44, she lives in Des Moines, Iowa in the USA and was diagnosed autistic just last year. She wrote her book before she was aware of her autism, and...